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Buying / Renting a property.

When buying a property
When renting a property

When buying a property

1. Once you have decided on the budget and area where you wish to purchase a home, conduct an inspection (preliminary inspection) of the property of your choice.

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2. Once you have decided on the property you wish to purchase, negotiate the price with the real estate agent or the seller.

* If you need a mortgage, we recommend that you get pre-approval of the amount you wish to borrow from the loan company in advance in order to facilitate future negotiations.

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3. Once the price is agreed upon, the subsequent procedures are usually handled by a lawyer or other qualified professionals who will handle the legal procedures and survey of the property on your behalf.

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4. The attorney will review the contract presented by the real estate agent or seller.

* There is usually a 5-day cooling-off period for the contract.

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5. Hire a lawyer or an expert to conduct an investigation to determine whether there are any defects in the property to be purchased.

* This investigation may include a Building Report, Pest Control Report, etc.

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6. If the results of this survey are satisfactory, a contract is exchanged.

* If the results of this survey are satisfactory, a contract will be signed.

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7. The remaining balance is settled and the property is handed over.

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8. The registration is processed by a lawyer.

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9. Payment of lawyer's fees, stamp tax, etc.

When purchasing real estate in Australia, the following purchase costs are usually required.

  1. Property price
  2. Legal fees for drafting and verifying contracts and deeds, and for various surveys, etc.
  3. Professional survey of the property
  4. Stamp Duty

Real Estate Purchase Conditions

There are some restrictions on foreigners who wish to purchase real estate in Australia.
In principle, acquisition of real estate is only allowed to those who meet the following conditions

  1. Prospective immigrants who have obtained a permanent residence visa
  2. Those staying for more than one year as temporary residents
  3. Those that have acquired citizenship
  4. Purchasing a new property with authorization for sale to overseas investors
  5. Companies requiring executive residences in Australia

However, if a temporary resident acquires a residence, the property must be sold when he/she completes his/her stay in Australia and returns home and is no longer a temporary resident.

We can assist you in purchasing a property on your behalf.

We negotiate as a buyer's agent (buyer's representative), and we charge a commission for this service.
Our services include property searches, accompanying inspections, negotiating prices, and arranging for attorneys and specialists.

If you are interested in this service, please contact us.